What is thc lean ? You’ve probably heard of THC syrup and “lean” before, but you’re probably not sure what they are. Both are cannabis-infused products that have different effects. One is a sweet, syrup-like substance, while the other is a tincture, which contains a high concentration of the drug. THC syrup is being marketed as a safer alternative to lean. THC syrup has the same effects as marijuana, but does not affect the body like tobacco.

Popular pre-made thc syrup brands

THC lean is a syrup-based substance containing THC and other cannabinoids. The main difference between lean is the concentration. The syrup contains THC distillate, as well as flavouring and colouring. It has a distinct purple hue, and is used as a painkiller.

A recent meta-analysis of studies on THC, including those of marijuana users, found that the substance can be neurotoxic. Although THC does not appear to cause psychosis, there are several changes in brain structure among people who consume cannabis regularly. One interesting finding is the decrease in noodle volume in the prefrontal cortex. This decrease is offset by an offsetting reaction in these patients.

THC syrups are another popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts. These products can be added to drinks or baked goods, and are a safer, healthier alternative to smoking weed or hash. They are also much less expensive than tobacco products, and they are easy to obtain in markets that do not currently sell legal weed.

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