The vermont childcare legislature is committed to the health and safety of the youngest children. This includes providing quality child care. In order to facilitate this, the state has created many tools for childcare professionals.

How many diapers do you send to childcare ?

The Bright Futures Information System is a great resource for families. It offers information on all types of child care, including after school programs. Parents can search for a program by age, location, and quality rating.

A state licensing agency can also provide advice on state requirements. If you are moving to Vermont with young children, start looking for a day care spot early.

There are 1,204 child development centers in the state. You can find one in your area through the state’s Family Network. Many childcare centers are located in shopping malls or near recreational areas.

Licensed child care facilities must meet all regulations in the state. These include having a Head Teacher on site most of the time that the facility is open. Also, the facility must provide unlimited access to parents. They must notify the Department of any changes.

The Child Care Services Division promotes the safe and quality care of Vermont children. They assist with the physical and cognitive development of children.

The Northern Lights Career Development Center provides trainings and career advising for the early childhood workforce. Additionally, they offer strategies for professionals who want to further their careers.

Vermont has almost 13,000 children under three in need of child care. Almost 70 percent of these children have both parents in the work force.

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