90s fashion women

The 90’s fashion women were a time of innovation in fashion. Many of the trends that are still around today were born in the 90s.

Colored jeans were extremely popular, along with colored tights and leg warmers. Bright colors were countered by darker tones associated with grunge. A good pair of sneakers was an important addition to the 90s look.

Platform shoes were also very popular. These shoes were available in many styles. Some had a relaxed heel, while others were more of a slip on style.

An oversized tee was another important trend. It was also one of the most popular types of clothing in the ’90s. Wearing it over a plain shirt or even over a patterned one, was a very popular look.

High waisted pants were also a common style. They were often worn with a turtleneck or a button up shirt.

Go-go boots became very popular during the late 1990s. They were worn with a skirt or dress. There were several different types of go-go boots. Typical patterns included simulated explosions, zigzag lightning bolts, and diamonds.

The Comeback of the Midi Skirt: How 90s Fashion is Influencing Today’s Styles

During the ’90s, cat eye sunglasses also became popular. While the ’90s look was less flashy than the ’80s, it was much more polished.

Other popular fashion items for women in the ’90s included denim overalls and dresses. These styles were extremely versatile and could be worn all year round.

Another great item to add to your 90s wardrobe is a leather jacket. You can wear it with any outfit, and it’s a great way to add an element of sexyness.

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