Whether you are selling your home or just have noticed Attic and Crawl Space Solutions, you need to look into foundation repair. This process will restore your home’s proper functionality. The repairs may also add value to your property.

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Before taking action, you should have an expert inspect the area. They will evaluate your home and ask you questions to determine the extent of the damage. It is important that you give them enough room to work.

Generally, they will take the measurements of the effected area and make a diagram of the elevation. Once this is done, they will compare it to a visual inspection map. If they find any discrepancies, they will calculate the amount of damage.

After making these measurements, they will decide on how many piers or supports are needed. Piers are large cylinders that are driven into the ground. Most contractors base their charges on the number of piers under the foundation.

Foundation repair experts have special equipment and training to do the job. Depending on the location of the house, the price will vary.

Generally, the cost of foundation jacking ranges from $600 to $1,600. A typical foundation repair job will involve installing up to twelve piers.

If you want to avoid foundation repair costs, you should have a proper inspection. There are many signs that you should watch for. Some of these include cracks that run horizontally or vertically, and settled floors.

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