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The Law Office of Tracey R. Perlman specializes in representing doctors, nurses, dentists and other health care professionals who may face disciplinary or criminal charges that jeopardize their professional licenses.

These disciplinary or criminal issues can have a devastating effect on a doctor’s career and reputation, even if the case is ultimately dismissed.

If you have received an investigation notice from the Florida Department of Health, we can help you respond effectively. A thorough response can allow the investigation to be ended before it is even completed, protecting your career and reputation in the process.

The Consequences of Medical License Disciplinary Actions: What You Need to Know

Patients often complain to the Board about small issues regarding their medical care, such as waiting too long to see a doctor or being “overcharged” for a test. Most complaints do not result in any formal action, but the Board will sometimes ask a physician to provide copies of their medical records to help clarify the patient’s concerns.

Drug Diversion Allegations

Taking illegal drugs is a serious offense that can have significant consequences for a doctor, nurse or other licensed healthcare professional. It is important to seek immediate legal advice from a medical license defense attorney if you are accused of diverting prescription medications or other forms of health care fraud.

Suspension or Revocation of Your License

The state medical board can revoke a doctor’s license if it has been improperly issued. Revocation also can be justified in cases where the doctor has committed a serious criminal act or acted negligently in the course of their professional practice.

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