gekko sx7

Whether you’re cleaning hard surfaces, grout, stone or concrete, this Gekko sx7 rotary head cleans closer to walls and corners than any other tool on the market. It attaches to the wand for superior cleaning flexibility and can be used with any truckmount or high-pressure portable extractor.

The gekko sx7 teardrop shape and front jet make it aggressive with even cleaning, especially in small tight areas like bathrooms, closets, showers, and more. The SX-7 can clean close to wall edges and corners, as well as below toe kicks.

Better cleaning and faster dry times than any competitive tool

The Gekko family of hard surface tools offers the highest quality, most versatile hard surface cleaning tools on the market. Each is designed to clean more efficiently and more thoroughly than any other tile cleaning tool, with a broad range of features that make it the best choice for cleaning professionals who routinely clean stone, tile and grout.

Reasons Why the Gekko SX-7 is a Must-Have Tool for Professional Cleaners

The Gekko SX-7 head is an updated model that expands on its versatility by combining two devices into one. Instead of needing two tools for cleaning worktops and showers, as well as another for washing hard-surface flooring, the SX-7 combines both a handheld and an erect device into one that cleans closer to walls than any other product on the market. Specifically, the SX-7’s droplet design and front jet allow it to clean nearer to wall and corner edges than any other cleaning tool.

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