orbot vibe for sale

Orbot vibe for sale

– The most effective and orbot vibe for sale floor machine to clean, strip and polish many different types of flooring including concrete, carpets, vinyl, stone, wood, tiles and grout. Saves time, money and labour!
Orbot Vibe Features & Benefits:
Powerful 1 HP Universal Motor generates 1725 oscillations per minute.
Orbital drive system agitates floors while spraying to pick and remove dirt, grease and grime from surfaces for fast, chemical-free cleaning on stone, grout, vinyl and hard floors.

Orbot Vibe Orbital System combines HOS patented dual-action orbital action with 360 degrees of rotation on the motor shaft to generate an increased level of agitation, which delivers superior results in all professional deep and interim cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping, and polishing applications.

Where to Find Orbot Vibe for Sale: Tips for Finding the Best Deals

The Orbot Vibe also includes a quick connect cord system for easy cord removal and thumb-touch control button system that turns on, off and sprays right at the tips of your thumbs with its easily accessible controls.

The Orbot Vibe can also be fitted with portable vibe weights to handle tasks that require more weight, making it the perfect tool for scrubbing and cleaning concrete surfaces such as school hallways or patios.

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