rooftop tent for subaru forester

Whether you’re looking to try out car camping for the first time or just want to upgrade your tent, consider adding a rooftop tent to your Subaru forester. This specialized tent type attaches to the cargo rails on top of your vehicle and can be set up in just a few minutes at the campsite.

Rooftop tent for subaru forester Tents Make Camping More Convenient – In an ideal world, when camping traditionally you would find a flat and dry spot to pitch your tent, the tent would assemble easily, and there wouldn’t be any rain that ruined your sleeping experience due to water pooling beneath or seeping through the poorly secured rainfly. When it comes to camping with a family or a friend, you often want a safe and comfortable place to rest your head at night.

Camping in Style: Best Rooftop Tents for Subaru Forester

A roof tent makes this easier than ever – With a hardshell rooftop tent you don’t have to worry about mud or water pooling up underneath your tent and ruining your sleeping experience. Additionally, many roof top tents have a built in mattress, making it even more convenient for you to relax and sleep.

It’s Easy to Fold Down – When you’re done camping and want to pack down your tent, you can do so quickly with a hardshell roof top tent. Plus, some of these tents are also incredibly light weight so you can easily carry them with you and fit them into your luggage rack.

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