The violin is one of the most popular musical instruments to learn in Singapore. It is able to convey melodies with ease and can be used in various music styles such as classical, folk and jazz. For children, the violin can also help develop their coordination and listening skills, which is an important aspect of musical education. Moreover, it is known to be an excellent instrument for instilling creativity and discipline.

How much do violin lessons cost?

LVL Music Academy has an established team of professional teachers that aim to provide high quality violin lesson singapore for kids and adults. Their lessons are tailored to the students’ learning needs and goals. They teach the core fundamentals of playing violin and offer graded courses for their students. They can also prepare their students for ABRSM exams.

They are a reputable violin school singapore that has been around for over a decade. Their violin teachers are well-trained, experienced and passionate about teaching. They are known to be patient and encouraging with their students. They encourage their students to develop a love for music and they make learning fun for them. They have a range of classes and lessons for children and adults, including violin, piano, guitar, and percussion.

They also have ensemble lessons to help their students perform with their peers and they have a biennial concert for their students. Their student’s parents have testified to the fact that their children love their classes and the teachers are friendly and professional.

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