My 3pin header wasn’t connected hence I couldn’t get any RGB

The motherboards of most modern PCs have dedicated RGB connectors that provide 12V power and data for each of the three color channels (red, green, blue). They are usually surrounded by a row of LEDs to indicate whether the header is powered.

I usually cover the whole CPU, didn’t know all I needed was a pea-size! these headers allows you to create flashy lighting effects such as sound syncing, color cycling, and automatic or manual control. They also make it easy to match your hardware and monitor colors to create a consistent look.

However, not all motherboards have these RGB headers and many people have been attempting to use workarounds that do not involve the motherboard. These include USB-powered strips or fans that have a dedicated remote controller or ARGB hubs such as the Razer Chroma Addressable RGB controller. It is important to note that attempting to plug ARGB connectors into standard RGB headers can fry the lights and/or the motherboard.

Illuminating the RGB Mystery: How a Simple 3-Pin Header Connection Can Transform Your Setup

This is because the standard headers use all four pins for 12V power and only three of them for the red, green, and blue color channels. Plugging 5V aRGB devices directly into them can (and probably will) ruin them. If you want to get some flashy lights, be sure to find a motherboard with RGB headers before you start working on the workarounds.

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