cbd water soluable

Water soluble hemp  is designed to be dissolved in liquids such as coffee, tea, juice, and even smoothies. It can also be added to recipes with fatty ingredients such as cakes, cookies, and other baked goods.

It is formulated using nanotechnology, which breaks down the oil-based CBD into tiny droplets that are 10-100 nanometers in size. This is a very small amount of CBD and is what makes it water soluble. Nano-sized drops are more easily absorbed by the body, making this type of CBD more effective.

What’s more, cbd water soluable bypasses the “first pass effect” found in oil-based CBD products. This means more of the CBD is able to enter your bloodstream, where it can be used to activate your CB2 receptors.

Water-Soluble Hemp: Exploring the Advancements in Hemp Extract Absorption and Bioavailability

Another benefit of cbd water soluable is that it can be taken without the addition of other oils, which can alter the taste and flavor of a beverage. It can also be poured on your skin for topical use, which can help with issues like inflammation and sore muscles.

Our cbd water soluable is made with high quality, full-spectrum CBD and Lecithin derived from Sunflowers. Each bottle contains 30 mL of water soluble CBD and is recommended to be consumed two times per day. Taking only half of a dropperful each time means one bottle will last you for up to a month. If you want to try it for yourself then head over to HempLucid and get our Lavender Mint tincture, which has 1350mg in each bottle.

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