cat cbd treats

CBD works to stabilize your cat’s mood and can help keep their attitude a little bit more predictable. This can be helpful when your kitty has an unpredictable condition such as epilepsy or if they are simply prone to an occasional bad temperament.

Cat cbd treats can also help with mental fatigue that cats often experience. Loud noises, changes to your kitty’s routine, and even new house guests can cause them to become anxious and skittish, which can lead to them hiding away, eating less or not at all, and even becoming lethargic. CBD can help to soothe their nerves so that they are able to face the daily experiences of life with more ease.

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When choosing the best cbd treats for cats, be sure to read the ingredients and directions carefully. It is also important to find a quality product that comes from a brand with a good reputation and rigorous testing processes for their products. Look for a company that offers a variety of flavors and textures to meet the preferences of your cat, and to consider their age and dental health. For example, older cats may prefer softer chews that are easier on their teeth.

One of the best cbd treats for cats is Petly’s formula that includes broad-spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, chicken, brown rice, pea flour, and sweet potato. It is vet-approved and contains 0% THC so it’s safe for your kitty. It is available in chewables and liquid drops. You can mix the drops into their food or lick them directly for transdermal absorption.

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