The traits that set great ceo public speaking apart are many: a ruthless work ethic, interpersonal skills, critical thinking abilities, and savvy knowledge. But one skill that might not immediately stand out is their command of public speaking. And it is this very ability that allows them to connect with a business audience in a way that is compelling, confident, and convincing.

It’s a fair assumption that the majority of the time CEOs aren’t standing in front of an audience of thousands, but rather leading staff meetings or holding a one-on-one conversation with a client. But the truth is that even these types of interactions are considered public speaking. And the more that you perfect your public speaking, the more confident and effective a leader you will become.

Getting to the bottom line

It might be easy to think that only the most extroverted CEOs will suffer from stage fright when they have to deliver a presentation to a room full of peers and colleagues. But the fact of the matter is that public speaking can be a real challenge for all CEOs, and even the most seasoned of executives will have to confront their nerves at some point.

The Power of Persuasion: How CEOs Can Influence Through Public Speaking

For example, Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, masterfully frames deeply personal stories of her own tragedies in her speeches to create an uplifting message that is both powerful and empowering. And despite the fact that she once felt reluctant to share her own tale of tragedy, she has now mastered the art of using this type of story to inspire others.

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