information security books

If you’re information security books about starting a career in cybersecurity or are an IT professional who wants to keep your company’s data protected, it’s essential to have the right knowledge. These books will help you learn how to spot phishing scams, prevent ransomware attacks and more.

A must-read for anyone interested in learning more about information security. Written by a former world-renowned hacker, this book will teach you about online and offline ways to protect your privacy, health, money and even your car from cyber attacks. Written by a well-known coder who once gave top agencies like the FBI a run for their money, this book teaches you how to keep your computer and mobile phone secure against hackers.

LinkedIn Scams Exposed: How Scammers Utilize WhatsApp for Deceptive Tactics

This comprehensive guide focuses on networking, information and cryptographic security. It covers topics from eavesdropping and spoofing to authentication of people and security handshake pitfalls. This book is ideal for software engineers and systems security managers who want to understand how to build security into the design of their products.

The latest in a series of books that exposes different hacking methods and vulnerabilities, this iteration of Hacking Exposed introduces readers to trade tools used by real hackers to penetrate corporate networks. This comprehensive and engaging read includes lessons learned from high-profile security breaches.

Written for business professionals in any field, this book offers a roadmap on how to navigate cyber risk. It also highlights the importance of a strong security culture, technology rationalization and access control.

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