The IGCSE BM tuition near me (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is the international equivalent of British O-Levels, and is offered in many schools around the world. It is more than just an examination programme – students complete a full curriculum, with assessed coursework and other assessment methods alongside the standard examination papers.

Dipa is a Biology and Chemistry teacher who has tutored for 8 years alongside her scientific research. She has a strong commitment to student progress, and specialises in IB and IGCSE Maths & Science tuition, including CAS & Extended Essays.

Boosting Your IGCSE Business Studies Grades: Discover Convenient Tuition Near You

Kostas is a qualified IB and IGCSE Maths teacher, trained at the International School of Geneva & Institut International de Lancy. He is known for his patient and supportive teaching style, building students’ confidence in the subject. He also supports IB CAS, Extended Essay & Internal Assessments.

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