If you’re a remote worker in need of a workspace away from the comfort of home, or you want to connect with other entrepreneurs and like-minded people to help your business grow, then coworking space is a great option. These creative spaces provide a professional workspace, meeting rooms and high-speed internet. They also host networking events and workshops that can help you learn new skills. The vibe at a canggu coworking space is different from one to the next, so look for the best fit for your style and work habits.

Why coworking space is better than working from home?

Located on the famous Canggu shortcut, Tropical Nomad is an open-plan workspace with private and shared tables, comfy couches, and a garden-view balcony. Its goal is to enhance productivity, boost creativity and create a vibrant community of members. This is a very popular spot and the membership options start at just $16 a day so get there early to secure your desk.

Another cool coworking space in Canggu is Kinship Studio. This place is perfect for coaches, healers, yogis and anyone in the wellness industry. It’s located right near the shortcut and is a good place to meet other professionals who are in similar industries as you. They have a good variety of workspaces including the option to rent an office for larger groups. You can buy a daily pass or a monthly membership which includes access to the coworking space and other perks.

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