Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in a home and can have a significant impact on resale value. They also tend to be high on homeowners’ priority lists for remodeling projects. However, a successful remodel requires careful planning and execution to maximize style and functionality. A well-planned bathroom renovation checklist will help ensure the project stays on track, stays within budget and comes out just as you dreamed it.

What makes a small bathroom look bigger?

Assessing the bathroom’s current state and defining your remodel goals is one of the most important steps in creating a checklist for bathroom renovation. This step helps to ensure that your goals are met, and allows you to avoid surprises down the road like structural damage that isn’t visible until drywall has been removed.

The layout of the bathroom is another crucial element that should be considered early on in the process. This includes determining if you want to keep the same layout or alter it. For example, if you live with tall adults it may be necessary to design for higher shower heads or vanity countertops. Similarly, if you have young children you may want to design for lower cabinetry.

Once the layout is set you can start shopping for items to include in your new bathroom. This can be fun and include everything from a new shower curtain to a toilet paper holder and towel racks. It’s also a good idea to add new lighting at this point. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact this can have on the look of your bathroom.

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