The Explore the Day Tours  offers a rich and varied experience, with exciting adventure tours, vibrant nightlife, modern museums, world-class restaurants, galleries, buses, and a wide array of other experiences to enjoy. It’s no wonder the country is a prime destination for tourists.

Observe puffins at the secluded Ingolfshofdi cape, hike across glaciers and explore ice caves or ride a snowmobile atop volcanic mountains encased in ice. Alternatively, soak in the unique geothermal Vok pools with ocean views and invigorating body scrubs at the luxe Reykjavik Spa.

Local Lore: Immersing Yourself in Reykjavik’s Rich History and Stories

Iceland’s enduring culture can be seen throughout the country, from Viking traditions and folklore to modern art and architecture. Observe Viking longboats at the Sun Voyager statue on the seashore or learn about the Viking settlers at various museums. For the culture vultures, Harpa Concert Hall is an inescapable must-see with its impressive contemporary design and year-round cultural events.

If you are visiting during the winter, don’t miss an opportunity to hunt for the Northern Lights. The best locations for this experience are away from the city center and where light pollution is at a minimum, such as the coastal walking area next to the Harpa Concert Hall or any larger city park.

The capital’s nightlife revolves around the main street of Laugavegur and its neighbouring streets, Austurstraeti, Hafnarstraeti, and Naustin. Bar hopping is common and you can try out many different bars in one night, each with its own unique vibe and music genres to enjoy.

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