The saint st cyprian novena  s an intense prayer that you say for nine days in order to obtain the blessings of the saint. You petition the saint for anything you desire and the saint will intercede on your behalf. This can include money, love, removing curses and jinxes, etc. You are also given a powerful candle spell that burns for the duration of the novena.

St Cyprian was a bishop of Carthage who lived in the 200s. He was a convert to Christianity and spent his life as a leader for the church. He led his flock through persecution and internal conflict. He was eventually martyred.

Seeking Saintly Wisdom: The Power of the St. Cyprian Novena Unveiled

Born to pagans, Cyprian was classically educated and a well known rhetoric teacher and orator in his time. When he converted to Christianity, he gave away his considerable wealth. After his conversion he became a priest and then bishop. He worked tirelessly for the church and had to deal with several persecutions sanctioned by imperial decree. He defended the church against the lapsi heresy and helped to end the Novatian schism.

In the course of his episcopacy, he had to contend with sorcery, which he considered one of the major problems facing the Church at that time. The Life of SS Cyprian and Justina provides us with one of the most detailed accounts in Christian literature of sorcery’s power over men and its final defeat.

He healed lepers, cured the sick, and cast out devils. St Cyprian fought sorcery with the full force of the Gospel, and as a result, he won great glory for Christ.

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