Adding a cloud of smoke or fog to a scene can enhance the atmosphere and lighting effects of a film, video, or photographic shoot. This effect works exceptionally well when used with LED lighting or pyrotechnics to create that special ‘wow’ factor.

There are many different types of smoke and fog machines, most use a water-based fluid which is typically made up of pharmaceutical-grade glycol mixed with water. Other types of machines include dry ice machines which create a low-lying fog using solid carbon dioxide, oil-based machines (which are very similar to water-based machines but produce much denser smoke), and hazers which use water-based haze to accentuate lighting.

Creating Atmosphere: Hire Smoke Machines for Your Event

The type of fluid used in the machine will influence its performance, most professional machines only accept the fluid recommended by the manufacturer. Using other fluids can damage the machine, cause toxic fumes that are unpleasant to breathe or leave residue on surfaces.

Hire Smoke Machines must be kept away from people as it can be a fire hazard, it is also generally advised that it shouldn’t be placed too close to the floor. This is because the heat generated by the machine can melt carpets and wooden floors, however, most units are fitted with a de-misting function to help mitigate this risk. It is also a good idea to test the machine before use on set and to keep a supply of extra fluids with you in case it runs out during filming.

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