Ozone is a powerful gas that protects the Earth from harmful UV radiation. Unfortunately, it also forms at ground-level from nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds that come from burning fossil fuels, automobile exhaust, chemical fumes and solvents. At this level, ozone is known as “bad ozone” and poses health risks to humans and other animals. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prevent bad ozone formation, including continuous monitoring with an Ozone analyzer.

What type of sensor is used for ozone?


Ozone analyzers use the principle of Beer-Lambert to measure ozone in air. The principle is that the absorption of a certain wavelength of light, in this case the 254 nm UV emitted from a mercury vapor lamp, is proportional to the concentration of ozone present in the sample. As the sample air passes through the ozone cell, it is exposed to the UV and the photodiode at the end of the tube senses the changes in intensity caused by the ozone absorption. Onboard electronics convert the signal from the photodiode to a digital display and can output the measurement via a 4-20 mA current or RS232 serial connection for integration into a data logger.

The Ozone Sensor FD-UV03 is an ideal choice for on-line monitoring and control of ozonation systems, as well as for testing ozone generator performance. It is factory calibrated, simple to operate and comes with everything you need to get started measuring ozone. The kit includes the ozone sensor, power converter, RS485 to USB cable and connectors, T-piece, silicone tubing and manual. The ozone analyzer is also available in an optional waterproof travel carry case that makes it easy to move the system from one location to another.

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