As an essential element of a building’s fire mitigation system, a fire curtain protects people and property from the spread of smoke and flames. Fire curtains remain discreetly suspended, hidden from view, until triggered by the fire alarm within the building, preventing smoke and flames from spreading horizontally or vertically and blocking escape routes.Go here :

Fire curtains are often located in areas where it is not possible to use fire doors, such as open-plan offices or theatres. They are also often used in museums or historic buildings where there is a risk of damaging works of art.

Fire Curtains: Key Components of Passive Fire Protection Systems

Typically, they are made of a highly fire-resistant material which is installed within the ceiling, either in a corridor or over elevator shaft door openings. They rest in a retracted position, drawing no attention to themselves, until triggered by the fire alarm within a building, then they descend and close over the elevator shaft doors and form a barrier, stopping smoke, flames and hot gases from escaping.

They are controlled by a panel with a fascia-mounted key switch and a connection point to the fire alarm system for monitoring purposes. It also has 3 indication lights, a fire-fighter override button, and an emergency opening button. It can be connected to a battery back-up to retain the fire curtain in its retracted position for a set period of time.

A fire curtain needs to be tested regularly to ensure that it is within its specified specifications and able to descend automatically when the fire alarm is triggered. In the UK, this is governed by a series of regulations, most notably PAS 121:2007 and BS 8524:2013. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and BSI Kitemark both offer fire curtain testing, which provides independent verification that the product meets these national standards.

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