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If you’re planning to invest in cryptocurrency, choosing the right exchange and wallet is essential. Even though there are numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms, not all of them offer equally reliable services. Some of them have been hacked, losing millions of user funds, while others charge exorbitant fees or require days to process withdrawals.

Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to find the best cryptocurrency app uk. The top 9 crypto trading apps that we’ve picked out offer a combination of easy-to-use features, robust security measures, and competitive prices.

Crypto Made Easy: Exploring the Best Apps in the UK

One of the most popular crypto trading apps in the UK is eToro. Its social trading features make it easy for newcomers to get into the market. You can either copy the trades of more experienced traders for free or buy into strategic crypto portfolios. In addition, eToro offers a secure personalised wallet called eToro X which allows you to hold your crypto segmented from your exchange balance. The platform is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC and has several user-centric security measures including 48-hour time locks, two-factor authentication, and IP address whitelisting.

Another established provider is Kraken, which launched in 2011. This exchange is available to users throughout most European countries and the US, including the UK. It has a proven track record and a user-friendly interface, but it isn’t the most cost-effective. Nevertheless, it offers a diversified range of fiat deposit options and regularly audits its reserve balances. It’s also one of the safest exchanges as it stores a high proportion of user digital assets in cold storage and uses two-factor authentication.

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