If your company is in need of a specific skill for a limited amount of time, such as a programmer to update software for a new client, a staff accountant to assist with a merger or a natural gas pipeline safety engineer to help with a compliance audit, you may want to work with a temp agency. The agency will have a pool of workers and screen them, weeding out those without the required skills. Then the agency will place a temporary worker at your business under a contract that defines the type of worker you need, the hourly rate for the worker and the cost paid by the business for the agency to provide the labor.

The agency will assess interim pologne candidates for the position to make sure they are a good fit and understand the expectations of the job, and they may also conduct health tests, depending on the work required. The agency may also have a process to turn temps into permanent employees. If the temporary worker is doing a good job, the agency may want to keep them on its books and push to turn them into a full-time employee with the client company.

Unlocking Success: Developing Functional Skills in the Modern Workplace

If you are considering working with a temp agency, ask them for references from past clients. Find out what the experience was like and if the company was able to turn temp workers into permanent employees. Also, discuss with the agency your long-term goals and what you are hoping to get out of the temp experience. If you are looking for a permanent job, treat the temp position as though it is a real job, not just another stop on the road to your next opportunity.

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