Wet Wall Bathrooms

Wet Wall Bathrooms

your bathroom or shower room with a fresh new look and avoid the mess and stress of a full re-tile, wet wall panels offer a simple solution that is quick to install, easy for a non-expert to work with and keeps labour costs down. Wet wall panels are a highly durable and water resistant alternative to tiles, making them a smart choice for a modern, luxury finish that requires no regular maintenance and will last longer than conventional tiling. This link https://wetwallbathroomsglasgow.co.uk/

Wet wall panels come in a huge range of finishes, colours and styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Matte and gloss finishes are popular along with patterned options inspired by nature and the world around us. You can even get tile-effect panels which allow you to achieve a traditional look without the drawbacks of grouting.

Once your wet wall panels are fitted, it’s important to add a three-to-four-millimetre gap all the way round where pipework or fittings need to pass through and where collars will be placed. This will prevent any future leaks. The gaps can be filled with Wet Wall Works Silicone Sealant to ensure a good and long-lasting seal.

How to Find Your Perfect Wardrobe Doors

Once the sealant is dry, give your wet wall panels a quick clean with an antibacterial cleaner to ensure they’re ready to use straight away. Then if you need to cut your wet wall panels, always do so on supports face down and use an electric or fine tooth saw.

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