A settlement agreement solicitor can help you understand the legal ramifications of signing an employment termination agreement. They can clarify the terminology used, the various clauses and the penalties for breach of certain warranties. They can also explain how the compensation offered in a settlement agreement has been calculated. This includes calculating your notice pay, bonuses and any redundancy payments. They can also check whether the amount being offered is sufficient for you to be able to accept it.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Cheshire: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

In addition to advising on the effect of signing the agreement, they can negotiate with your employer to get you a higher sum of money than is being offered. They can help you decide what your goals for the negotiations are and set these clearly. This may include a particular amount of compensation, the specific performance of a contract or even a formal apology from your former employer.

Once the initial negotiations have been completed, your solicitor will advise on how much tax is payable on the payment. They can help you decide if it is worth paying the extra tax to secure a better deal. They can also advise you on any confidentiality and non-derogatory clauses that should be included in the settlement agreement.

When choosing a settlement agreement solicitor, it is important to choose one with a high customer service rating. This is based on the feedback provided by previous clients of the firm. This information can be found on the firm’s profile page on ReviewSolicitors.

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