Snus is a smokeless tobacco product from Sweden and it has been shown to be less harmful to the user than smoking cigarettes. It is a popular alternative to cigarettes and has helped many smokers quit. Unlike other smokeless tobacco products, Swedish snus is cold smoked and does not contain any hot cigarette smoke that can irritate the mouth and throat. Also, unlike smokeless tobacco, snus does not have any ingredients that can be carcinogenic to the oral mucosa (such as slaked lime or areca nut).URL :

Swedish snus is made from air-dried tobacco that was originally laid out for drying in Scania and Malardalen in central Sweden. The tobacco is then ground and mixed with water, salt, an alkalizing agent (usually E500), and food-grade aromas. Depending on the brand, moist snus contains more than 50% of its total weight in water. It is typically packaged in a can with a seal and is regulated as a food product in Sweden, which means that all of its ingredients are listed on the packaging.

The Economics of Snus: Market Trends and Industry Insights

It is estimated that the use of snus among Swedish men has led to a reduction in cigarette consumption by approximately 25%. Similarly, it is also reported that in Norway, the use of snus has reduced cigarette consumption by around 10%. In addition, a recent study [104] has found that dual snus/cigarette users tend to have lower rates of oral lesions than non-users. Therefore, snus is generally considered to be a gateway to quitting cigarette smoking rather than to its continuation and there are suggestions that this may be one of the reasons why Sweden has the lowest rates of tobacco-related disease in Europe.

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