In France, which is a popular destination for expats, it’s possible to find temporary work in industries like hospitality and administrative tasks. These jobs can pay anywhere from EUR 9 to EUR 14 per hour depending on industry & experience.

In the case of private jobs, the standard contract (CDI, contrat a durree indeterminee) offers job security, unless there is a good reason not to offer it, such as an employee being at fault, or serious financial difficulties. The worker cannot be laid off unless this is the case, and compensation is payable (unless it’s for serious wrongdoing, in which case only money owed towards paid holidays will be due). URL

Temporary workers can also have CDD contracts for replacement of employees during maternity, paternity or sick leave; a temporary increase in activity, or for jobs that are by their nature not long-term. These types of jobs must be clearly indicated on the contract.

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Rights and Protections for Temporary Workers in France

It’s worth noting that these temporary contracts can lead to precarious work conditions. The number of people on short-term contracts has risen in france, especially during the health crisis and as a result of companies’ need to cut costs. The resulting uncertainty and high levels of temporary employment has led to an increase in workplace stress and mental illness.

If you’re considering working in france on a temporary contract, we recommend speaking to a specialist about the country’s immigration procedures, such as a french relocation expert. If you’re interested in finding out more about this topic, contact Clarise Delaitre, a highly qualified french employment & immigration lawyer who supports clients with their relocation and employment plans.

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