When shopping for a blender commercial, most food and beverage establishments zoom in on three things: horsepower, capacity and price. However, those aren’t the only factors that make or break a restaurant blender. Considerations like motor type, blade material, programmable controls and more are also important when choosing the right equipment to meet your business’s unique needs.

When choosing a commercial blender, it’s important to assess your operation’s specific requirements and identify the features that are most valuable to you. For example, if your establishment is preparing ingredients for USDA commodity programs, you may need a blender that is USDA approved to ensure compliance with regulations. Other features that you might find useful include a timer that prevents over-blending, and a clear lid that allows the operator to view contents while blending.

Blender Commercial: Maximizing Efficiency in a Professional Kitchen

Another factor to consider is the horsepower that a commercial blender can deliver. While many models list peak horsepower when describing their performance, it’s important to note that most can only maintain that peak power for a brief period. A higher horsepower rating is best suited to heavy food and beverage preparation, such as crushing ice or blending peanut butter.

Finally, when shopping for a commercial blender, it’s important that the machine be easy to dismantle and clean, ensuring staff can quickly and thoroughly wash parts in order to minimise cross-contamination and keep sanitation standards high. This is particularly crucial in a busy kitchen environment where food service operations are tight, and every minute counts. Look for a model with a durable stainless steel jar and shaft, as well as a dishwasher-safe removable blade assembly.

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