Breathwork has a wide range of benefits including stress reduction, increased focus, a deeper connection to self, enhanced creativity, and more. By learning to use breath training techniques and incorporating them into your practice, you can help your clients experience these positive effects. As a result, breathing coach certification can be the perfect complement to your existing wellness or yoga career.

This breathing coach certification teaches you to teach others the breathwork practices that you have embodied and experienced personally so that they can reap the benefits of these simple, yet powerful tools. You can integrate breathwork into your one-on-one sessions and workshops with your clients, students or friends and provide a unique, transformative experience for them.

Breathing Coach Certification: Become a Certified Professional

The training includes a comprehensive curriculum that teaches you how to effectively use many different breathwork techniques. It also emphasizes empathy and encourages the ability to connect with clients on a deep level. The curriculum also encourages open-mindedness and an awareness of the various approaches to breathwork.

In addition to gaining a thorough understanding of the various breathwork techniques and their applications, you will learn how to recognize when a client may need more support than you can provide. You will be able to refer them to a therapist or other specialist without losing integrity as a breathwork coach.

The course is self-study, so you can start as soon as you register and will have 6 months to complete the entire training. This is the ideal way to get started if you are not ready to commit to an intensive training program right away.

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