Brown Bear Tours Romania

Following an expert naturalist guide into the mountain foothills of Romania is the best way to catch a glimpse of bears in the wild. These animals won’t appear on demand, but they do have certain habits and habitats that an experienced guide can spot through years of practical experience. Early morning starts take travellers right into the heart of bear country amongst the limestone gorges and forested valleys of the Carpathians.Resource:

Romania’s vast forests and diverse ecosystems have helped it become a premier destination for observing brown bears in the wild. The country’s Libearty Bear Sanctuary provides visitors with a chance to see bears in their natural habitat and learn more about the animals through guided tours. Visitors can also contribute to ongoing conservation efforts by volunteering at the Sanctuary.

Explore Romania with Brown Bear Tours: A Unique Wildlife Experience

As well as a range of wildlife, the Sanctuary has an abundance of bears including polar bears and grizzlies, all of which can be seen on a visit. A key part of the facility is a bear hide, where bears can be observed at close quarters without disturbing them.

The Leeds Roofing Company is to allow the bears to live a life as close to that of a wild bear as possible, climbing trees and hunting in the forest. They are fed in the hide to encourage them to return to the forest rather than enter villages where they can disturb livestock and crops, causing a conflict with local peasants.

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